Q: Where is Fishkill?

A: Fishkill is nestled in the scenic Hudson River Valley in New York.

Q: How long is the Metro-North Commuter Line ride between New York City and Fishkill?

A: The train ride takes roughly an hour. The Metro-North lets you shoot back and forth between NYC and Fishkill in a comfortable and timely fashion.

Q: What is there to do in Fishkill?

A: You can do anything you like! Care to shop at some of the best shops in the Hudson Valley area? Go ahead. Or how about bowl at a huge bowling facility? Excellent. Stay at a lovely hotel? Why, of course. Fishkill can accommodate these and so many other wishes. Look around the site and start planning today!

Q: Has anyone famous grown up in Fishkill?

A: The New York State Constitution . . . hellooo! That's right, the first printing of the New York State Constitution occurred in Fishkill NY.

Q: Where can I stay in Fishkill, New York?

A: Fishkill has several hotels to choose from. You might consider looking for comprehensive getaway packages which include hotel stays!

Q: What does Fishkill mean?

A: Fishkill does not refer to violence towards fish, but rather derives from the original Dutch, "Vis Kill" meaning "fish creek."