New York Lottery

I was bumbling about in the forest when it struck me that the numbers were to be announced tonight. Lucky thing I had my super go-go-gadget-cell-phone with the customized lottery update transmissions.

I was up for a big win in the New York Lottery. Yes, I stood to win something like fifteen billion dollars before taxes.

I put down the shiny rock I'd been playing with for the last half hour and started mashing the buttons on my phone to see if I could get that precious update. I couldn't - not at first anyway. I pressed every button. Nothing happened save for my messing up all of my settings.

Then at 8:03pm, when it was very dark and lonesome in the forest, the numbers came through, glowing green and black and blue and befriending my eye and soul. Hmph, I said, realizing I hadn't one matching number.

So much for winning fifteen billion dollars before taxes in the New York Lottery. I will play again though. The coyote I met told me I should do that and to play these numbers . . . I'm sorry, that's classified information.